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Get on the ship, break away from everyday life and experience an unforgettable journey through time on the historic Poet's Way.
The route of the steamship Tarjanne goes along Lake Näsijärvi through the Murole Canal via Ruovesi and from there on to Virrat.

TIMETABLE 5.6.-17.8.2024


If you get on the ship from Visuvesi and buy tickets on the day of the ship's departure, please inform the ship by phone so

 we know to stop at the port.


Direct number to Tarjanne during the season: 0400 234 816.


We reserve the right to change the schedule.


Price examples for adult tickets

Tampere – Murole 39 €
Tampere – Ruovesi 49 €
Tampere – Virrat 69 €

Roundtrip x 1,5

Transport fee for a bike 10 €. (includes bicycle transport fee and cycling map)

Prices are examples from our webstore. A service fee of € 2 is added to the price of the tickets when purchased on the boat or at the Laukontori ticketing booth. We reserve all rights to changes. Please visit our calendar of events to stay updated on the availability of all cruises and events.


The Pyhä and Näsi bike routes are the perfect trails when travelling on land, and steamboat Tarjanne will take care of your transportation needs on the water.

The Bike & Boat ticket is your way to plan the perfect day trip on the waves and on the wheels.


To experience the lovely vistas around Lake Pyhäjärvi, choose the Silverline services from the Laukontori Harbor. For the idyllic sceneries of Lake Näsijärvi, hop aboard steamboat Tarjanne at the Mustalahti Harbor.


On Tarjanne you can go on round trips four days a week. On Wednesdays and Fridays you can travel by Tarjanne to Virrat and back by bus. On Thursdays and Saturdays you can travel by bus to Virrat and back by Tarjanne to Mustalahti. The tour packages include meal (Fish of the day, Captain's steak or Sailor's butter tofu) as well as coffee/tea and a sweet treat.


Enter your choice of main dish in the additional information field in the online store.

Round trip to Virrat

115 €/adult., 102 € pensioner/student, 58 €/children (3–12-years.)

incl. ship trip Tampere-Virrat, meal on board, bus transport Virrat-Tampere

OR bus transport Tampere-Virrat, boat trip Virrat-Tampere, meal on board.

Round trip to Ruovesi

92 €/adult., 82 € pensioner/student, 46 €/children (3–12-years.)

incl. ship trip Tampere-Ruovesi, meal on board, bus transport Ruovesi-Tampere (waiting time in Ruovesi approx. 4.5 h)

Round trip to Tarjanne

88 €/adult., 82 €/pensioner/student., 46 €/children (3–12-years.)

incl. ship trip Ruovesi-Virrat, meal on board, bus transport Virrat-Ruovesi

OR bus transport Ruovesi-Virrat, ship trip Virrat-Ruovesi, meal on board
Bus transport schedule from Virrat to Tampere
(on Wednesdays and Fridays)

Virrat Harbor 6:30 pm

Ruovesi Harbor 7:05 pm

Teisko Terälahti (Sale bus stop) app. 7:40 pm

Kämmenniemi (Sale bus stop). app. 8:05

Tampere app. 8:30 pm


If necessary, we will drive through Aitolahdentie, please inform the driver when leaving Virrat if you want to get off at the Aitolahdentie stops.

Driving route in Tampere: Teiskontie-Itsenäisyydenkatu-Hämeenkatu-Hämeenpuisto-Mustalahti harbor. You can get off at the stops along the route.

Bus transport schedule from Tampere to Virrat
(on Thursdays and Saturdays)

Tampere Mustalahti Harbor (parking lot) 8:50 am

Tamper bus station (courtyard) 9:00

Teisko Kämmenniemi (Sale bus stop) app. 9:30

Terälahti (Sale bus stop) app. 9:40 am

Ruovesi Harbor app. 10:15

Virrat Harbor app. 10:50


In the online store, enter in the additional information field whether you board the bus from Mustalahti Harbor, the Tampere bus station, Kämmeniemi or Terälahti.


NOTE! it is not possible to buy tour packages on the bus.


Buy tickets from the links below:


We offer pre-planned travel packages for groups, which make travel arrangements easy and effortless.


We also tailor cruise packages according to wishes. Here are examples of our ready-made group packages.

Let’s plan together a suitable experience on the lake for your group.

Request a quote from our customer service:
p. 010 422 5600 |

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