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Our gem, the legendary steamship Tarjanne cruises on its traditional route Tampere-Virrat-Tampere. The route runs along Lake Näsijärvi through the Murole Canal to Ruovesi and from there on to Virrat. There are many interesting destinations along the Tarjanne's route.


 S/s Tarjanne, a steamship legend built in 1908, has served during her life as a warship in the First World War and was involved in the rescue operation of s/s Kuru sinking off in 1929.


Tarjanne is the last long-distance passenger steamship in Finland and the world's oldest passenger steamship still in operation following the original route. During the trip, passengers can experience the sound of the famous steam whistle and enjoy the cuisines of the restaurant designed by famous Finnish painter Akseli Gallen-Kallela.

A return to firewood power for Tarjanne in 2023


S/s Tarjanne will once again split the waves by burning logs.


In a painstaking overhaul, the ship's boiler has been reset to its original form. This means that the steam needed to power the vessel in between Tampere and Virrat is going to be generated by birch firewood.


Returning passengers will notice the transition first and foremost aurally. The cruises are no longer accompanied by the steady hum of the oil burner. Another tell-tale sign are the piles of logs that will reappear on the piers at each terminus. This romantic rollback is a very fitting symbol of the rebirth of the historic liner.


In the course of the restauration, the engine's oil burners and tanks were replaced by custom-built furnace doors, traction shutters and furnace beds. When operating, the boiler's fire tubes will be sweeped a couple of times each week. The ashes, removed daily, have further recyling value as fertilizer rich in calcium carbonate.


The historic Poet's Way from Virrat through Ruovesi to Tampere is named after a Finnish poet Johan Ludvig Runeberg. He lived in Ruovesi in his youth and wrote several of his famous poems there.


On the culturally historically significant ship route of the Poet's Way, you can see wonderful lake views and impressive natural landscapes, which over time have inspired not only Runeberg but also many Finnish artists, such as composer Oskar Merikanto, painters Akseli Gallen-Kallela and Hugo Simberg, graphic artist Ellen Thesleff,

poets Lauri Viita and Aila Meriluoto.


When the ship leaves the pier at the end of Tampere, first you will see the scenery of Pispalanharju, the blue fjard of Lake Näsijärvi, the wonderful villas on the shores and the rock paintings of Kirnusalmi's narrow passage. The ship also sails past Gallen-Kallela's wilderness studio Kalela, and along the way we also see the rusted hull of the steamship Kuru.


Poet's Way starting and ending ports are the port of Mustalahti in Tampere, near Särkänniemi, and the Virrat harbour right next to their city centre. The route goes through Näsijärvi, the Murole Canal, Ruovesi and Visuvesi to Virrat. The total travel time is 8 hours. Tampere is Finland's busiest inland cruise area, about 120,000 tourists per year. From the area and its piers, there are possible transport connections in all directions in Finland. In addition, there is plenty of fascinating destinations for the delight of passengers.

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